Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

Nutrition Support for Children Living with HIV

Under this initiative, we are providing nutrition support to 22 children in need. We have connected these children and their caretakers with various government schemes. With the support of the sponsorship scheme, the orphan and children living with HIV are getting monthly support of Rs 2,000.

LEPRA extends support to INFOCEM

LEPRA Society, as the lead partner in Telangana state, will support INFOCEM to set up and manage the first community kitchen in Vemulawada, Old Karimnagar. With technical support from EpiC Partner Sattva, Lepra will support INFOCEM in acquiring space, hiring personnel, and in setting up and operation of the community kitchen. The business idea was selected based on a presentation made by the CBO before the FHI 360 and the USAID mission teams. The social outcomes of the business included generating livelihoods for community members and providing quality hygienic food. While in the short-term, the income from the programme might be utilized to cover some of the operating costs of the business itself; in the long run, the revenue will contribute towards the financial sustainability of INFOCEM, impacting the community that the CBO serves and thus leading to sustained social outcomes. The objective of this programme is to implement activities to strengthen the organizational capacity of INFOCEM – CBO, so that the organization can be financially sustainable and improve the lives of people in the community.

First Community Kitchen of Vemulawada inaugurated

OCEM inaugurated its Community Kitchen, Trishul Food Court, on May 10, 2023, at Vemulavada. The initiative aims to establish financial sustainability for INFOCEM and promote livelihood opportunities for community members. Funding from USAID, FHI 360, Sattva Consultants, and Lepra Society has made this project possible. Attendees included Ms. Madhavi, Municipal Chairperson; Ms. Lakshmi Rajam, District Welfare Officer; Ms. Aruna, Zilla Parishad Chairperson; Mr. Yellaiah, Child Development Project Officer (CDPO); Ms. Roja, District Women Empowerment Officer; Ms. Padmavathi, Capacity Development Officer – EpiC, Telangana; Mr. Vishnu, Resource Mobilization Officer, Telangana; and Mr. Prashanth, Program Manager, Epic-Lepra, Telangana.